" The art can not be under influence "



Grand evening landscape
Oil on canvas / 162 x 130 cm



Fruit in a porcelain
Oil on board / 116 x 89 cm



Oil on wood 130 x 90 cm



Shed the winter
Oil on wood / 53 x 46 cm


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drapeau-japon drapeau-russie

Ivan Calatayud

Born in 1970 in the town of Carpentras, nothing Ivan Calatayud intended, apparently, to a career as a painter. Chance had led however to meet, at a very young age, Raymond Vernet, painter and former student of Maurice Utrillo, who was fascinated. Over time, the admirer of Vernet, during multiple visits in one, imbued with its range identical to that of old masters and eventually become his disciple. The master is not only good advice but also an incentive that does not deny. Calatayud is also hard to understand the essence of painters as Soutine, De Staël, Francis Bacon... All these influences are reflected in the work of the artist who practice a virulent expressionism. His research work is evolving to destroy two thirds of its production, while its main reasons tend to be simplified : I avoid instinctively, he says, anything that might resemble a system, method or an order or requires a careful discipline and self-control... It is an obvious and apparent that the strength of the painting reveals his sensitivity Calatayud but the gift and the result of a great passion that springs from his canvases, returning an obvious talent.

François-Xavier Barras for "Je magazine"

The events of the life of the artiste

1992 - 1995 : Exhibitions departmental groups
1995 : Casino games of Cassis
1996 : Art Gallery 7 - Nice
1996 : Note by Frédéric Valmain, writer and merchant
1996 : Exhibition at the Galerie d'Art du Palais Royal - Paris
1997 : New World Art Center - New York
1999 : Fondation Ricard - Bendor
2000 : Sale of several paintings to the director Adryan American Lyne ( "Flash dance", "Indecent Proposal", "Lolita »...)
2000 - 2007 : Partnership with two professional agents and an auctioneer.

1996 : 2nd prize in the European Arts Masters "(Belgium)
1997 : 1st prize in the contest modern figurative Arts Masters (New York)
2000 : Selected to be part of the heritage merits of the Foundation Barcelo in Palma de Mallorca (Spain).


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